A (not so scary) halloween birthday


There are no tricks here!

Hey- we can have fun on Halloween even if we’re not into the skeletons, tombstones and creepy music. Especially if we are celebrating the birthday of our precious toddler. Check out these great party items full of Halloween cuteness.

Here’s where you can find all the awesomeness:

Fill the loot bags with these awesome candy corn crayons from Art to the Extreme.

Just because she acts like a devil, doesn’t mean you can’t dress your little one up like a sweet pumpkin in a dress by Camille’s Little Boutique.

Decorate your home with delicious looking candy corn bunting from A Green Elephant.

Grab your customized birthday invitations- just give me a shout!

Treat! Make your own loot bags: follow the directions here.

Enjoy yummy chocolate cupcakes, sprinkled with playful orange dots.

pretty purple


My friend Kate from Kate Fellerath Photography sent me this photo of a floral arrangement from a recent wedding she shot. I just couldn’t resist the spectrum of pink to red to violet. So rich and warm. And the arrangement is phenomenal- a mixture of funk and class.



Scene: Cara (that’s me!) dusting off furniture, polishing mirrors, and arranging invitations just so.

Phew! I made it. The walls have been moved around, the paint swatches chosen with care, and the windows are open wide to let the sun shine in.

What you see is a more chic, easier to navigate and lovely site ready to greet my prospective clients.

It’s been fun reinventing my Pamplemousse identity. Most exciting is the creation of this new blog. I can’t wait to share all my ideas with you! Yes, I create custom invitations. But as owner and creator of all items Pamplemousse, I am often thinking about the whole event, not just invites you send to you guests.

With that in mind, I intend this blog to reach beyond the paper with the printed word, for weddings, babies and other events. Here’s a glimpse of what you might expect to find here:

Trendspotting: What’s hot and new- colours, styles, products- and how to incorporate them into your invites and your events.

In Studio: What’s happening at Pamplemousse. A peek into my world- how your invitations are created, from brainstorming to finished product. Stay tuned for a glimpse into my studio.

Friends and Colleagues: I want to share with you the work of other artists who I admire who create beautiful crafted work. Also, it will be my pleasure to showcase the work of others with whom I work closely.

Design Ideas: I base my work largely in what is happening in the greater design and art worlds. Furniture, architecture and fashion are my inspirations. From time to time I’ll post about what influences and excites me.

And of course: invitations, invitations and more invitations.

So: welcome. Come in, look around, make yourself at home. And please feel free to add any suggestions of what you would like to see featured in my blog.