Pamplemousse designs couture invitations to satisfy any personality. Our invitation packages become distinctive works of art through a personalized creation process. Our designer works with you at every step of the way to ensure that you walk away with an exceptional invitation package.


Pamplemousse invites you to meet with our designer for a creative consultation. In this first meeting, we will discuss colour palettes, level of formality, personal style, paper weight, typography, themed images and printing techniques. If you do not already have a vision for your invitation, you can flip through the pages of our numerous portfolios for inspiration. Once we have selected a design direction, a quote will be created.


Upon receiving your deposit, we begin the design process to create a unique, memorable invitation package. At the same time, we ask you to begin the process of writing the text for your invitation and its accompaniments. Within two weeks, you will be presented with the first draft of your couture invitation design Based on your modifications and comments, the design will be re-worked to perfection, assuring that the final product is exactly to your liking. Once the design has been finalized, we apply it to all elements to create a custom tailored, cohesive package.


We begin to produce your invitations, ensuring that they are ready to be sent to your guests six to eight weeks prior to the big day. Depending on the printing method, assembly requirements and paper characteristics, you will be provided with a delivery timeline. This will provide you with a guideline as to when a detailed guest list must be submitted, if envelopes are to be addressed by Pamplemousse. Once your invitation package is complete, you will be invited to view your one of-a-kind creation. At this time, the balance of payment is due.